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Located in Sullivan, Maine, we are dedicated to bringing Maine’s natural beauty into your home and garden. We offer an array of sculpture, landscape & craftwork, created sustainably by up-cycling stone from our historic granite quarry and surrounding bioregion. 
We invite you to come visit the Granite Garden Gallery, a place for you to enjoy a truly unique atmosphere, adorned with Maine carved granite artwork made from the abundance of raw material available here. Our intention is to support a public sculpture garden, quarry museum and education center focusing on local history, geology, arts and sustainability.


Here is a glimpse of past examples of Obadiah's work. To see more, visit the Sculpture & Craft Portfolio pages from the top menu. To see current offerings, visit our online shop or come visit us at the Gallery. Keep tabs on our store by subscribing to our mailing list, great artwork will added in the future!


Obadiah Bourne Buell is a self-taught craftsman working primarily with stone. Homeschooled by his mother using the Waldorf method on the family quarry where he was born in Sullivan, Maine, he started out with a unique experience working in pyrotechnics with his father making fireworks. Intrigued by the works of Alexander Calder as well as Andy Goldsworthy, among others, Obadiah was inspired to work with stone at a young age, and subsequently gleaned knowledge in working in dimensional stone with his brother, Gibran.  
Travel has also played an integral role in inspiring Obadiah’s artistic vision. He has traveled to locations such as New Zealand to study bone and jade carving of the Maori; to Mexico, where he learned about amber carving; to Gambia, where he was influenced by tribal-ancestral woodcarvings; and also to Ireland, where he explored the sites of ancient megalithic structures such as Newgrange. These influences can be seen in some of his work, not only in stone, but in wood and other natural materials as well.
Since the summer of 2003, Obadiah has been proprietor of Stone Designs, Inc. and the Granite Garden Gallery, an outdoor sculpture garden at his home in Sullivan, Maine, which is open to the public.
When he’s not busy working the stone, Obadiah can be found tending the vegetable garden or on one of his mountain bike trails.


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