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The Granite Garden Gallery is an outdoor sculpture garden where we display the sculpture made from Stone Designs. We welcome you to visit the land, wander through the sculpture garden & gallery! 

Marvel at unique native flora and fauna, take a relaxing walk through the Quarry Trail, breathe in the fresh forest air.

Enjoy the beauty of our flourishing vegetable and perennial gardens.

Let the raw material of the quarry inspire you to dream up landscaping and sculptural possibilities for your home and garden. 

Stroll through our Sculpture Garden and let your senses inspire you to,"Take home a piece of the rock"!  Let your imagination go, as you fantasize how you may enhance your own home and garden. Peek into our Gallery where we offer an array of household items and jewelry.  These perfect gifts speak to the beauty and unique geology of Maine. Enjoy the resident chickens and pristine gardens. If you arrive on a harvest day, you may be fortunate enough to take home a free sampling of organic herbs and vegetables from our garden!


We look forward to meeting you!


Activities abound for all ages:
Arts exploration
Vibrant gardens
Scenic/historic landscapes


Games for kids


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