The Artist

Obadiah Bourne Buell is a self-taught craftsman working primarily with stone.  Obadiah was home schooled under the Waldorf method on the family quarry where he was born in Sullivan, Maine, and he was inspired to work with stone at a young age.  


Travel has played an integral role in inspiring Obadiah’s artistic vision. He has traveled to places such as New Zealand to study bone and jade carving of the Maori; to Mexico, where he learned about amber carving; to Gambia, where he was influenced by tribal-ancestral woodcarvings; and to Ireland, where he explored the sites of ancient megalithic structures such as Newgrange.


Since the summer of 2003, Obadiah has been the sole proprietor of Stone Designs, Inc. and the Granite Garden Gallery, an outdoor sculpture garden at his home in Sullivan which is open to the public.


A member of the Maine Stoneworkers Guild, Obadiah offers stone-working classes and demonstrations at his studio.


Obadiah’s work is also sold at many craft fairs and galleries throughout the Northeast. Please check our website for class and show schedules as well the list of participating Galleries.


When he’s not busy working stone, Obadiah can be found in the vegetable garden or on his mountain bike trails.